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Lot #6445 Braford Bull

If temperament is a key factor in your bull selection but you still need the staying power, heat tolerance, and versatility of an F1 Braford, then check out the full combination Lot #6445 has to offer!! 


He is a burly, massive-boned, big-footed, thick-ended bull that will transform your calf crop to maximize profits! The F1 hybrid vigor will work to produce offspring with rapid weight gain and excellent resistance to Mother Nature’s harshest extremes. Come check this guy out in person! He is fully tested and ready to breed! 


Priced $2250


(We will also lease this bull for $300 a month plus a $35 retrich test fee upon arrival.)


Call or text Justin at 979-574-9149 for more information on this Braford Bull or any of our other cattle for sale. 

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