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Lot #7259 Brangus Bull

(Currently Leased Out)


This big man’s specialty is bone density and volume of muscle! He’s a gentle Brangus bull that will inject some serious power and overall body mass into his offspring! His calves will be the easy fleshing kind and just imagine those extreme deep-bodied, massive-boned-keeping kind of daughters he will be capable of producing! Head over to our website and check out our full lineup of Brangus bulls! You can purchase or lease any bull we have available. They are all fully tested and ready to go!  


2 years old


(We will also lease this bull for $300 a month plus a $35 retrich test fee upon arrival.)


Call or text Justin at 979-574-9149 for more information on this Brangus Bull or any of our other cattle for sale. 

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