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The J&J Story

Born in the “Beef Capitol of the World,” Hereford, Texas, brothers Jerad and Justin Johnson were raised to value faith, family, hard work, and beef cattle. Their love for cattle began before they could walk! As young toddlers, the brothers worked side by side on the cat walk while their dad and uncles processed cattle. 

Throughout their childhood, the boys continued to work for the family ranch while also raising animals to show at local, county, and major livestock shows. The daily responsibility of caring for livestock provided the boys a wealth of knowledge, a team mindset, and a strong work ethic.  

In 2001,  Jerad moved to College Station, Texas to study Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. Three years later Justin moved south to attend Texas A&M University as well. When the young men weren’t in class, they were buying and preconditioning cattle to ship back to Hereford. With the combination of hard work and the Lord’s blessing, J&J Cattle Co was established at its current location in Bryan, Texas. 

J&J had humble beginnings as a small family owned and operated stocker and feeder cattle backgrounding operation. As Jerad and Justin emerged from college they went full force into the niche market of providing light weight, long weaned stocker steers and heifers for grazing operations in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Purchasing and preconditioning high risk, light weight calves took intense management but was a prime fit for Jerad and Justin as they were no strangers to the industry or to hands on management. They rapidly expanded their business and inventory down this path and in 2016 were recognized as one of the largest sellers on the biggest cattle marketing platform in North America, Superior Livestock Auction, who sells almost 2 million cattle annually. 

Never ceasing to have their hands in a little bit of everything, the guys started preconditioning and selling open replacement heifers along with the stockers. What began with a handful of heifers in 2015 blossomed into a full fledged business venture by 2017 as the men saw a place for their cattle and services within the industry. They enjoyed not being at the mercy of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange setting their market prices, as they had been selling stocker cattle. That combined with a growing demand for their preconditioned, long weaned, fully vaccinated heifers led to more time and attention being turned to this new form of marketing. 

Today J&J is widely recognized as being one of the largest providers of Brahman influenced replacement cattle in the south. J&J Cattle can be found all around the United States and internationally in Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, and the Cayman Island. 

Jerad oversees the daily management of J&J. He takes charge of animal health and nutrition, feed production and sales and feeder cattle marketing. He is married to Audrey who manages all office responsibilities, cattle records, finances, and many other tasks that help J&J run smoothly. Justin largely overseas the sales and marketing aspects of all replacement cattle. If he’s not assisting customers you’ll find him with a video camera in hand filming new inventory. Justin and wife, M’Lynn, work together to bring the J&J brand to life through marketing. 

Between the two families there are nine Johnson cousins who enjoy living and working within 200 yards apart. The tradition of instilling values and work ethics at an early age continues as all the kids are included in assisting within the family business. 

We’re driven to providing you with the best cattle the industry has to offer. Our business continues to thrive because of repeat customers and we strive to be the honest, family business that you can trust for all your cattle needs. Come on out and see it for yourself!