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Replacement Females


We are widely recognized as being the unofficial capital of the world for Brahman influenced open replacement females! This is a title we don’t take lightly and we strive to provide the highest quality commercial females produced in the state of Texas. 

We typically have a large volume to choose from within any of our offerings and we are known for our motto: your choice, on any number. That’s right you pick ‘em on as many or as few as you like! 

Our selections reflect our appreciation for big boned, deep bodied, soggy made kind of heifers! Maternal capabilities, milk production, and overall longevity are key components within what we feel make the prime replacement female.  While we do specialize in almost all breeds and cross breeds with a Brahman derivative, we have expanded our offerings to also provide a few non Brahman influenced cattle such as Hereford and Red Angus.

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