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Our Services

Bulk Cattle Feed for Sale


Many years ago we worked with a beef nutritionist to develop a custom feed ration with the primary goal of maximizing weight gain in the most cost efficient manner without sacrificing ingredient quality. 

Year after year we saw excellent performance in our own cattle and when we find something that works, we want to share it with other cattle producers! We now offer our specialized feed in bulk at competitive pricing. 

We offer a grower and a high protein pasture supplement to meet your specific operation’s needs. Our feed ingredients vary some depending on the ration but our primary ingredients that we work with include: cracked corn, dried distillers grain, cotton seed, cotton seed hulls, and a molasses based liquid supplement.  

Obtaining the most value for your dollar is what keeps your animals and operation growing!  If you’re in the Brazos Valley, come grab a tote or two!  

Current pricing is $200 per bag ($400 per ton) for our 12.5% protein grower, and $200 per bag ($400 per ton) for our 25% protein pasture supplement. 

Text "FEED" to 833-369-4081 to receive updates and discounts on our bulk feed!

Call or text 979-575-2701 with any questions, or to order.

Bull Sales/Leasing


Your choice of bulls can be one of the most influential decisions you make in terms of profitability and overall success. That’s why we take pride in offering exceptional commercial and registered bulls that are stand outs within their kind. No where else can you find the dept of quality and variety of breed types that we offer all in one location. 

When selecting our bulls we put top priority on bone structure, muscling, temperament and overall ease of fleshing. We feel these traits are the most important within the industry when it comes to producing offspring with high marketability. 

We provide most all of the major, most prevalently used breed types within the industry. 

Every bull we offer has passed a breeding soundness exam performed by our veterinarian, Dr. Dustin Marsh of College Station, Texas. 


Both small and large producers within the industry have found our bull leasing program to be the answer for their breeding needs. Once you select the bull you wish to lease all that is needed to take him home is a signature on our simple, easy to read contract, and the first month's rent as a down payment. Our no hassle, no restriction form of leasing allows you to customize your lease term based on your specific needs. 

We are often asked if there is a minimum time restriction when leasing a bull. There is no minimum term requirement which puts your expenditures in your control. Any bull listed in our catalog is available for leasing! 

Replacement Females


We are widely recognized as being the unofficial capital of the world for Brahman influenced open replacement females! This is a title we don’t take lightly and we strive to provide the highest quality commercial females produced in the state of Texas. 

We typically have a large volume to choose from within any of our offerings and we are known for our motto: your choice, on any number. That’s right you pick ‘em on as many or as few as you like! 

Our selections reflect our appreciation for big boned, deep bodied, soggy made kind of heifers! Maternal capabilities, milk production, and overall longevity are key components within what we feel make the prime replacement female.  While we do specialize in almost all breeds and cross breeds with a Brahman derivative, we have expanded our offerings to also provide a few non Brahman influenced cattle such as Hereford and Red Angus.

View our Replacement Females!

Fed Cattle


With the rising costs and expenditures in all aspects of life, more and more consumers are looking to stock their freezers with their own beef. This is proving to be wise and beneficial for many families in terms of both convenience and income conservation. With our feed mixing capabilities and volume of cattle it just made since for us to step out and meet this rising demand. 

We have grain finished calves available that are ready for slaughter. We also provide a feed out option that allows you to pick your fed calf in advance and then have us finish him out to your desired kill date. We stock the most desirable beef breeds as well as some specialty breeds such as Wagyu and Akaushi as availability allows. 

Order Buying


Positioned in the heart of cow/calf country with over 40 years of combined first hand experience with procuring and backgrounding weanling calves, J&J is your prime order buying source. 

The early foundation of our company was constructed around the business model of purchasing and preconditioning high risk, flyweight stocker calves. Just like today, we took a hands on approach to managing the health of those cattle and saw the depth that went into keeping these calves in line. We emerged with the firm belief that success in this sector of the industry starts at the purchase and understanding the “kind” that will not only be a safer investment to keep healthy but that also will go on and grow and preform at optimal levels. 

We have always made cattle health a priority at J&J.  Incoming cattle are housed in our 44,000 square foot covered pens with easy access to our balanced receiving ration, free choice hay and fresh water.  We also have outside runs and traps available as well. Minimizing cattle stress is of utmost importance, and we have built our facilities around these principles. 

From light weight stockers to feeder cattle, when experience and honesty matter, make J&J your choice for all your order buying needs.