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Bulk Cattle Feed for Sale

Bulk Cattle Feed for Sale
For years we have mixed feed rations exclusively for our own cattle and now it is available for your cattle in bulk. This complete grower ration is a high quality bulk cattle feed that has given us proven results. We can load it in your trailer or in 1,000 pound totes. We can also deliver full truck loads in live bottom trailers.

Bull sales/leasing




We know and understand the importance of investing in high quality bulls. We see them as being one of the greatest influencers on a rancher’s herd as well as return when it comes time to market. That is why we offer only the best quality bulls to commercial cattleman in a wide range of breed types to fit most anyone’s program.

Replacement Females

J&J is known far and wide for being the home of some of the finest Brahman influenced replacement heifers that can be found. Not only the greatest quality is found here but also one of the largest inventories of replacement heifer in the country with a diverse selection of many different breeds being represented.

Stocker/Feeder Cattle



J&J Cattle company has a large supply of both stocker and feeder cattle available throughout the year. All of our cattle go through our extensive preconditioning program and are fully vaccinated and ready to perform anywhere you want to send them. We take pride in our health program and strive to sell the healthiest and strongest cattle possible. If you are looking for light weight cattle to graze or feeder cattle to send to the yard, give us a call!

Order Buying



J&J Cattle Company buys cattle out of multiple markets on a daily basis. From auction barns throughout central and east Texas to cattle coming directly from ranches into our facility, we see several thousand head each week. Let us put our experience to work for you. We offer full service order buying of all classes of cattle, whether you are needing a handful of cows, or truck loads of feeder cattle. Give Jerad a call at 979-575-2701.