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Positioned in the heart of cow/calf country with over 40 years of combined first hand experience with procuring and backgrounding weanling calves, J&J is your prime order buying source. 

The early foundation of our company was constructed around the business model of purchasing and preconditioning high risk, flyweight stocker calves. Just like today, we took a hands on approach to managing the health of those cattle and saw the depth that went into keeping these calves in line. We emerged with the firm belief that success in this sector of the industry starts at the purchase and understanding the “kind” that will not only be a safer investment to keep healthy but that also will go on and grow and preform at optimal levels. 

We have always made cattle health a priority at J&J.  Incoming cattle are housed in our 44,000 square foot covered pens with easy access to our balanced receiving ration, free choice hay and fresh water.  We also have outside runs and traps available as well. Minimizing cattle stress is of utmost importance, and we have built our facilities around these principles. 

From light weight stockers to feeder cattle, when experience and honesty matter, make J&J your choice for all your order buying needs.