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Brahman Replacement Heifers

An Investment That Just Makes Sense!! 


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after already enduring what seems like multiple weeks of temps over 100 degrees, yesterday was the official first day of summer. 


That’s why you need a cow herd that is bred to withstand this sultry heat and our Brahman ladies featured this week haven’t even thought about a shade tree yet! An investment into females of this caliber is something you can be proud of and hey, with their kind of compounding return from longevity and productivity, it just makes economical ranching sense! 


These are the right kind of ladies with the thickness, volume, and bone structure to make those lifetime, calf-raising mommas! When it comes to selecting the right bull to use on these the options are wide open that all yield high-value, high-performing offspring! Come hand select your choice on any number from this group and take home a powerful group of heat tolerant, foundation cow makers!


6 head 

7-9 months



Selling choice on any number. 

These heifers are longtime weaned and fully vaccinated. 


Call or text Justin Johnson at 979-574-9149 for more information on these Brahman Replacement Heifers or any of our other cattle for sale! 

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