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Hereford Replacement Heifers

Check out this excellent selection of Hereford heifers that are native-born and raised! They are accustomed to the heat in the south, a critical factor to maintaining a Hereford cow herd in our area. But perhaps most importantly in times like this, they manage to perform even in drought situations. Even on short grass, their milk is power packed with nutrients that will rapidly grow those babies! 


These ladies have the bone, depth of body, and muscle expression to raise phenomenal F1 Brafords, super baldies, or just outstanding commercial ranching calves! Herefords are known for their heartiness and adaptability. Their docility makes them a joy to work with and maintain. They have excellent carcass traits and their offspring have great marketability within cross-breeding operations. 


10 head 500-685lbs 8-12 months old Selling choice on any number, priced at $1350. 

These heifers are longtime weaned and fully vaccinated.


Call or text Justin Johnson at 979-574-9149 for more information on these Hereford Replacement Heifers or any of our other cattle for sale!

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