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Ultra Fancy Brangus Replacement Heifers

If you are looking for that fundamental set of cow making females to raise highly marketable offspring, then look no further!! These ultra fancy, Brangus heifers will make a versatile set of ranching cows with multiple different profitable breeding options! They are the big boned, deep bodied, easy fleshing kind! Just look at the volume of muscle and overall body mass that they tie together into a well balanced, feminine package! These heifers are long time weaned and fully vaccinated. We can help with selection and delivery if needed. 


100 head 



Selling choice on any number, priced at $1225 or $1175 on 10 head or more. 

These heifers are long time weaned and fully vaccinated. 


Call or text Justin Johnson at 979-574-9149 for more information on these Brangus Replacement Heifers or any of our other cattle for sale! 


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Price:$1225 or $1175 on 10 head or more