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F1 Brangus Replacement Heifers

When longevity and adaptability is key, you can depend on a set F1 Brangus cows to get the job done! These cattle have the genetics to withstand heat and harsh elements leaving them wide open to give you all of the productivity their hybrid vigor can muster!


This group of F1 Brangus heifers has excellent bone structure and are deep-bodied and bold in their rib shape. They are thick and powerful from behind, yet tie all the pieces together in an ultra-feminine package. 


Just imagine the super fancy black-whiteface calves you could achieve with a stout Hereford bull on these females! But there is no wrong option when it comes to breeding these heifers to produce healthy, high-yielding offspring even in challenging ranch locations. 


32 head 


12-15 months

Selling choice on any number, priced at $1385.

These heifers are long time weaned and fully vaccinated.


Call or text Justin Johnson at (979) 574-9149 for more information on these F1 Brangus Replacement Heifers or any of our other cattle for sale.

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