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Finished Feeder Steers & Heifers

We have finished, ready-to-process steers available! These cattle have been grain-fed our high-quality, specialized ration to ensure top-quality finished beef.


If you do not have a processor or are having trouble getting scheduled, please let us know. We are working with a processor that readily has open slots! 


You can purchase your choice on any calf at $1.95/lb today or choose the feed-out option. We will weigh on certified scales the day you pick up to determine sale weight. 


Feed Out Option: This can be done by placing a deposit down up front and then we will feed out the calf to your desired date. Once finished, we will weigh them up on the day you pickup and the sale price will be $1.95/lb at their finished weight. 



Selling your choice on any calf, priced at $1.95 per pound. 


Call or text Justin Johnson at 979-574-9149 for more information on these  Finished Feeder Steers & Heifers  or any of our other cattle for sale! 

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